Tracy Bellingham

Administrative Assistant and Social Media Marketing
Phone: 336.524.9010
Fax: 336.584.7080
Email: [email protected]

At the young age of seven, Tracy was diagnosed with a rare form of Ganglioneuroma.  A four and one half pound cancerous tumor was growing on her spine and pressing against her heart, lungs and other vital organs.  Her parents were told that they should prepare for the worst since the probability of survival was not enough to be hopeful.   After weeks of surgery, prayer and too many X-rays and scans to count, the tumor was removed and Tracy was a survivor.  15 years later, Tracy’s family is still paying doctor bills that remain and this motivates Tracy every day to learn how she can help families in similar situations cope with the emotional stress and financial strain of significant or terminal illnesses. 

As an adult and mother of a bright and active little boy named Liam, Tracy intends to make every moment count.   She intends to build on the seven years of client service experience she has accumulated since her teenage years and is working towards a career in the financial industry. 

Tracy is responsible for the firms social media marketing and serves as an administrative assistant.  She enjoys spending time with her family at music festivals and most any outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing and hiking.

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