Investment Plan Meeting

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) presented to the prospective client.  The IPS outlines the specific details of how your accounts would be managed under the stewardship of HBS Financial Advisors.  

Unbiased tools and resources are employed to complement the individual experiences of Dan and John while they evaluate the suitability of your current investment holdings. In most situations, we are honored to take on the responsibility of servicing the existing investment products that are suitable for our clients financial plan. When additional assets are transferred or portfolio modifications are necessary, our preferred platform for fee only portfolio management is Curian Capital, LLC.  The unique investment advisory services of Curian allow our firm to enhance the wealth management experience with benefits such as:

Tax Harvesting

- Social Exclusions

- Institutional money managers, ETF's, Mutual Funds, REIT's and Alternative Assets

- Levels of oversight and frequent monitoring

- Transparency (24 hour on line access)

- Electronic Reporting direct to your Tax Advisor




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