Regular Progress Meetings

During the first Periodic Review Meeting, a client is presented with a summary of the advanced financial planning suggestions raised by our Wealth Management Network.  Together we identify the most important suggestions and prioritize each with an action plan.  We feel that our role as your Private Wealth Manager becomes critical at this stage of the planning process.  Working with your personal Attorney, CPA, Private banker or Insurance professionals, we follow up to be sure that you properly implement the advanced planning strategies.  Too often, great ideas are left incomplete mainly due to a lack of follow through.  This could result in significant financial hardship and/or unnecessarily complex and taxed estates.  Examples of significant problems experienced by very intelligent, affluent and high profile people can be found in the “Interesting Articles” section of our web site. 

The objective of the all other Periodic Review Meetings is to identify changes in a clients professional or personal lives that may have a significant impact on the existing wealth management plan.  Most of our clients prefer quarterly or semi-annual meetings to review specific details of their Investment Portfolio.   As with every meeting, the agenda is well prepared and the conversation is focused on the most relevant an timely issues.  

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