Jane Scott

Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 336.524.9010
Fax: 336.584.7080

Being the youngest of 13 children and growing up on a farm, work ethics have always been important to Jane and were instilled at a young age.

Jane, a Burlington native, graduated from Western Alamance and attended ACC pursuing a business degree.  In 1973 Jane began her career in banking and in 1983 became office manager of a local Jefferson Pilot office.  Jane decided to combine banking and insurance and in 1988 began working with Dan Hansell at First State Bank.

Customer service has always been a priority - from front line banking to front line financial customer service.  With almost 40 years of customer contact Jane has developed an intense knowledge of how to interact with people to get problems solved.

Working with the financial industry, Jane and Dan have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with many other business professionals such as John Bellingham.  John and his family moved from New Jersey in 2005 to join the team.

Family is a high priority for Jane, especially her grandson.  Jane likes to travel, reading and the outdoors.

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